Upland Express Newsletter
November 2003

Barry Collins/Banjo & Vocals - Garry Collins/Bass & Vocals
Patrick Robertson/Guitar & Vocals - Jason Robertson/Mandolin

Here it is November, Christmas is around the corner and naturally I’m unprepared as usual!!

Hope this finds all in good health and good spirits!!

November Schedule:

November 14, 15, & 16 Roanoke Bluegrass Weekend; Clarion Hotel, Roanoke, Va. - Sponsered by Hershel Sizemore

November 22 (Sat.)… The Pine Tavern, Floyd, Va.

November 28 (Friday)… Ray’s Restaurant, Floyd, Va.

November 29 (Sat.)... Christopher's Pizza; Meadows of Dan, Va.

The month of October was pretty busy. On the 10th the guys did a show at the Snowville Christian Church in Snowville,VA. It turned out real good and we all enjoyed it very much.

On the 11th there was a show at New River Community College in Dublin, VA. It was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to have a real good time at that show. On the 17th, Ray’s Restaurant in Floyd, VA. was the scene. We always have a good time at Ray’s.

On the 31st there was a Halloween Party at Christopher’s Pizza in Meadows of Dan, VA.The boys went as The Soggy Bottom Boys. For the best costumes, 1st place went to Bertha Cesero, 2nd place went to Jane Plasters and 3rd place went to Billy Wayne Plasters. Congratulations to all of the winners!! Everyone looked great in their costumes; even the one’s who didn’t win a prize!! I’m sure everyone had a real blast that night, fer sure!! Well that’s about it for this month.

Sure hope to see you at some of the shows this month!! (Or all of them, if you can make them!!)

If you need a CD, ($15.00) or to just touch base the addresses are:

Upland Express
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Shawsville, Va 24162-0232
(540) 392-6957 (new cell #)



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